Walking Through Distributed Key Generation (DKG)

Walking Through Distributed Key Generation (DKG) This post is a follow-along to a talk on Distributed Key Generation at DevConnect, Amsterdam 2022 (slides here). It also functions as a stand-alone resource. The post is intended to briefly introduce the motivation for threshold signatures, relating them to multisignatures, and clarify a Distributed Key Generation protocol introduced by cryptographer Torben Pedersen in 1991, and applied by Gennaro and Goldfeder in their threshold scheme, GG20, S3.

Experiment: How Effective is Prototyping? Measuring Developer productivity in Python and Rust with Project Euler

I was interested in the time-effectiveness of problem-solving different programming languages. I looked for research around comparative developer productivity across languages, but came up mostly empty-handed, so I constructed an personal experiment using Project Euler. Professionally, I write Rust for the smart contract platform NEAR.

NFT Hype: What’s What and What’s to Come

What's that? Anna asked. "It's anything you want it to be," said Ted the Tokenmaker. "But that's not a thing," said Anna. "That's the magic of crypto," said Olly the Optimist, "the more people believe in these, the more they are.

Zero Knowledge: The Game

What makes a game a “blockchain game”? A simple definition: some part of the state of the game is stored on a blockchain and is therefore publicly visible. Think chess or tic-tac-toe: each move is a state change on a publicly visible ledger.

Tipping Cows, a Primer on Rust's Most Bovine Data Structure

The year was 2020. An epidemic swept across the globe, driving all human life indoors. Unrest concerning police action and longstanding racial inequality in the US drove the very same back into the streets. Like cattle, driven back and forth we were, with global sociopolitical and health trends our ranger.

2020 Jan-Mar Book Review Rundown

23 books, 3 unfinished with no intention to finish anytime soon. 5 fiction, 18 nonfiction (would it be cheeky to count The Little Bitcoin Book as fiction?) Trends: non-fiction especially about business, identity, and climate science early on Biographies and Neal Stephenson towards the end I'll give a couple sentences of my thoughts about each book and a rating out of 10.

Human Rights: Entertaining the Illusion

Introduction “The speed with which human rights has penetrated every corner of the globe is astounding. Compared to human rights, no other system of universal values has spread so far so fast…. In what amounts to a historical blink of the eye, the idea of human rights has become the lingua franca of international morality” (Normand 8).