About the me

Hello Internet! You're at the one and only remaining blog of Thor Kamphefner, my posting destination for long-form cognitation, rendered approximately fit for public dissemination.

Give me Identity Categories or Give me Death

My interests, which are my preferred identity categories, include the set of all sets with particular emphasis on the union of the following: cryptography, mathematics, system programming, science fiction, economics, cogitation, community building, and naturally, armchair philosophizing.

Some posts I'm proud of include:

My attention points are currently directed at:

Feel free to reach out and say hi on Twitter if you've half a mind to tell me what you think about my posts, or would even like to collab on a post in the ever-impending future.

Past attention points have accumulated to:

  • Wrote a standard to enshrine NFT royalties for NEAR smart contracts, linkboop. Note to the uninitiated: NFT Royalties on Ethereum are a HUGE pain, and are mostly hacked around by centralized databases, which is a problematic solution for NFT creators who might like to have multiple marketplaces respect their Royalty settings.
  • Paper: Combining GHOST and Casper - coauthored a mathematical security paper with my mentor Yan Zhang analyzing the security and liveness properties of the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain consensus protocol (it secure, it synchronously live, it even plausibly asyncronously live!)