notes on my hair

On hair, what I’ve tried, and what I’m interested in trying

This note attempts to capture what I’ve tried with my hair and what I’m thinking about trying going forward. The note is composed of a gallery of pictures of me, my friends, and pinterest pics for examples.

my hair, in short

I’ve mostly played around with hair at or near shoulder length, something like a slightly-longer-than bi bob. Last haircut in December 2023, 5 months after a coloring in July:

I’ve also gone longer, letting hair go beneath shoulder length, which was cute I liked, but I will likely keep my hair shorter than this length (Oct 2022):

I often struggle with my hair frizzing up or showing damage at the ends, and am trying to find better ways to avoid long term hair damage. Bed head can look cute, but the frizz can be pretty hard to manage at times:

previous colorings

Both previous times that I’ve dyed my hair, I’ve gone with a blue-green shade in the front parting.

July 2023:

July 2022:

My friends, and how my hair has been for the last year

The main thing I’m trying to capture with my hair is a playful freedom of expression.

case study: friends in my industry

In my industry (cryptography engineers and researchers), I’m trying to reflect on my sense of style, freedom, and a departure from more normative interpretations of gender and professionalism. Tarun gets it, playing with color and form:

Waylon gets it; his faded mullet, light faded button down, and textured face jewelery are a little punk, while remaining and approachable:

Anna’s hair also gets it; a little color takes her look into a creative, fun space. The wihte and black lines in my look are a bit boring by contrast.

case study: personal life

In my personal life, I want my hair to reflect my sense of playfulness and a reflection that my interpretation of masculinity can be free, and expressive.

I often wear my hair down, though occasionally put it up when warm, or to get it out of the way. I’ve let the color fade a lot.

I think I’d like to keep the color more vibrant than I have lately:

Two shots with a little more color. I like the color here, but I’d be curious to dye more of it, or even try a few different colors

shots from pinterest

And now, a bunch of pictures from the internet

men with good medium length hair

I want my hair to fall like this and not frizz up:

The model in this shot looks dumb, but he has good hair. I like how the green complements his natural color.

this guy makes pink work. Similar to above, I’m not sure how well it would work for me, but it looks great:

long top short sides idea

I’d be curious to try either to grow my hair long again, or to cut the sides short like this and dye the top:

Though I’d also be interested in what long top, died short looks like; I imagine it would take a lot more work to maintain though. This guy did it well:

the interesting

With my complexion, I don’t think I would look good with an orange, red, or pink. This guy has lovely hair, but the color doesn’t suit him:

the bad

I’m not sure exactly what I don’t like about this guy’s hair, but it looks crappy and cold to me:

Anime character syndrome. I think I’d actually be interested to go a light shade sometime! I’ve seen some women with great white hair. But most of the platinum blond dyes I see for men look pretty weird:

I’m not sure what’s going on with this guy, his face is weirdy hyperfeminized, maybe CGI. His hair actually looks good though:

e.g. this girl does white really well, and makes me want to try white: Her too:

the womens

Women’s hair pictures on pinterest look photoshopped and I’m not sure how well grounded they are in reality. Some could be useful as texture and color refernce.

I really like the dark green color and texture in this shot:

similar good color, on a super photoshopped face:

I think I could be interested in a darker shade of purple:

shots of women that would probably not work for me

I really like the blending of blue and purple for this gal, I’m not sure how well it would come out for me personally:

This girl has some great electric blue-green highlights; I think it mostly works because of her length, and the contrast to her darker brown hair, and would work better if her hair were even darker, for contrast:

end thought: goals